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 Foresthill Exploration and Mining Corporation (FEAMC) is involved in gold mining and is a privately held Nevada Corporation headquartered in Carson City, Nevada. FEAMC is presently developing properties in California.  FEAMC has a mining agreement with Wilkinson Gold and Minerals Corporation (WGAMC) to operate their mines in Placer County, California.  The 1849 gold rush started within 20 miles of WGAMC properties. They have the only gold mining operations in the county, which have gone through the time consuming and intensive permitting process required by Federal, State and County authorities.  These agencies have now issued all necessary permits to begin mining these properties. Two of the mines are now fully permitted and the third is in the final exploration stage. 

The geology of the area and the independent geologic reports we have on the WGAMC properties indicate probable reserves of over 1,431,980 ounces and 4,876,000 ounces of inferred gold. Further exploration is expected to increase these reserves.

The gold removed in testing and mining WGAMC properties include jewelry quality gold nuggets ranging in size from several pennyweights to over 19 ounces. The quality of the gold nuggets are  94 to 95 percent gold with the balance being primarily silver. Approximately 20 percent of the recovered gold is expected to be sold into the jewelry trade, the balance of fine gold will be sent to the refinery. Click on the pictures or links above and begin your journey through the FEAMC web site.

HOFFMAN PITTS: 228 Acres  3000 Foot Elev. = 274,000 Ounces

BLACK CANYON:  480 Acres  5000 Foot Elev. =
577,980 Ounces

HARRIS:                   820 Acres  6000 Foot Elev. = 580,000 Ounces

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